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Trained to get you insights from your customer feedback - at scale, and instantly.

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Uncover Emerging Topics and Pain Points in Mountains of Unstructured Feedback, Simply by Asking.

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Import customer feedback that you're already analyzing manually today.

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Ask KlosedAI what the top issues are...or the root causes of customer pain points...or whatever else is top of mind for you and your team.

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Explore Insights

Answer questions from other teams, contextualize your product roadmap decisions with real data, and uncover nuggets hiding in plain sight. If you bring the data, Klosed has your back.

Trusted AI that protects your
most valuable asset -- your data.

Built by the team, committed to security and privacy, serving market-leading brands for 5+ years.

Data privacy

Your data is private. Period. KlosedAI will never use your data to train AI models for other customers.

Security for regulated industries

As an organization, we are SOC2, HIPAA and GDPR compliant. This is so important to us, it's even in our Trust Center.

AI you can control

Built for control and transparency that is critical when dealing with customer data. 5+ years of experience in AI for customer insights.

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